Parent conferences will be scheduled twice a year.  Unscheduled meetings are also encouraged and can usually be arranged upon request. 

Look for our monthly newsletter chalked full of child development information and information on upcoming events.

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Join Our Parent Involvement Committee (PIC)

Join our Parent Involvement Committee (PIC). Research shows that children learn better when their parents are active participants. Collinwood Academy’s Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) allows parents to participate in the center by planning events that will benefit the overall quality of the program. Some of the group’s initiatives include: networking with other families, learning opportunities for families such as workshops and training, special events, teacher recognition and development, community service projects, center enhancements, classroom volunteering opportunities and fundraising.

About Our Payment Schedule

Please call the center for tuition rates. Collinwood Academy Academy also accepts county vouchers. 

If tuition payments are delinquent the case will be sent to collections and access denied. Collinwood Academy reserved the right to use any and all means to collect unpaid debts including debt collection services such as Allied Recovery Service who may add unpaid balances to credit reporting agencies including TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. Delinquent voucher accounts are submitted to the county for immediate termination of all child care benefits, at Collinwood Academy or any other center, until the past due amount is paid.

The center does not take checks.  Cash, money orders, and credit/debit card payments are accepted.  If a check is taken on a single situation basis, please be advised that the return check fee is $30.

The center must be notified of vacation dates at least two weeks in advance.  Each child is granted 5 free vacation days after 4 months of attendance.  If the child is on vacation more than 5 days, the normal rate will be charged after the first week.  Full tuition is due for any period including holidays.